Gii means heart in the language of the Gamillaroi people. We have chosen “Gii” as the name for our folk band. We are known as GiiMusic. GiiMusic was founded by Troy Russell and Bree Baxter in 2016. Both have a deep love of folk music of all styles and always look for fresh and new ways to tell a story. The vocalist is Leila Hamilton hails from Hill End and Troy and Bree met her at a series of concerts held in Redfern NSW.  Chris Beltran on ukelele and guitar. Chris's playing style is important to the sound of GiiMusic and his playing compliments the sound of the band. 


Bree Baxter


Bree first held a violin at the age of five. She played folk violin as a child, inspired by the music played in her Dad’s celtic band. Bree studied classical violin at university, but has always been drawn to jazz, folk and contemporary music.

Troy Russell

guitar banjo mandolin

Although he is new to the game of composing he is making steady headway into the Art Music scene. Recently commissioned by Sydney Living Museums for the exhibition "Songs of Home", Troy writes some of the songs for GiiMusic and he writes of his family as it is rich in story and history. 

Leila Hamilton


Started singing at the age of 4.

Twinkle Twinkle was first Solo.

Inspired by rhythm...melody...words.

I Luv ReggaeRiddim...BlueBeat...Ska...Soul 

Chris Beltran

Guitar Ukulele

Chris began performing at age 11. He was taught ukulele by his father who had an Hawaiian band. Chris has worked as a bassist, guitarist, ukulele player and singer in various bands. He likes strong rhythm, melody and songwriting. Swing Blues 1930's jazz and contemporary music.

Quirky Quotes

I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I've ended up where I needed to be.”

— D. Adams

WooHoooooo! New EP Release!!! 

GiiMusic has just launched the new EP. It's a self-titled number that fits well, like a sheer stocking, ooohlalaaa! The songs are: Life is a River, a song about caring for country - Jimi, a song about true romance and dancing - You don't know is a song that tells stories of domestic violence - The First Shot, a love story that ends tragically. We recorded the at Everland Studios and dB Mastering put the finishing touches to it. Enjoy and please leave feedback! Thank you.

The near future.  

Well, things are on the move again. But don't hold your breath...or hold your breath around sneezing and coughing. Anyway be careful. We can't tell who is crook and who's not. Now, a little bit about us. We are heading into workshops and preparing some new material. WOOHOO! We have a recording coming out soon and there is more good news on the way but we can't talk about that! Shush!! So stay tuned and be on the lookout for us. Take care now. Love GiiMusic.


Hi folks,

Just wanted to drop a message to you letting you know that we are thinking of you all. It's uneasy times when we are told what to do, don't panic, stay at home. But it is the safest thing to do right now as we try to get past this version of crazy is to stay home, stay safe and to look after one another. Take care for now.


Fundraiser Gig at Redfern 13th February 2020 

We have a new gig folks. Yay!! We will be supporting a fundraiser at 107 Redfern St, Redfern. Along with other great acts including South West Syndicate, Jackie Brown Jr, The Black Turtles and Green Hand Band. We will be raising money for WIRES so that the animals that were injured during the bushfires can be helped. It would be good to see you there to support our furry friends. So please come down. Details are in the poster below. Feel free to share.

Some news for you. 

Hey Folks,

So, our gig was cancelled last week due to an unfortunate turn of events regarding the smoke and people's health so for those very reasons the event was cancelled. We didn't get to play and we are very disappointed as we have three new songs which we were going to debut at this event. We are absolutely looking forward to our next gig as we will more than like have a couple of new songs to add to this growing list of new music. Bree, Leila, Chris and Troy look forward to seeing you at the next gig we have which should be soon. Oh hey, you might notice that there is a donate button at the page below. Don't get carried away and donate too quickly but we can guarantee that the money that is donated will go towards the recording of the new songs that we have going and we want you to help us. Anyhow, you all take care and we hope to see you at the next gig. Gii.

Upcoming Gig. Changefest19. 

We will be playing at ChangeFest19 in Mt Druitt. Here are the deets:

ChangeFest is a gathering of people intent on making change in their communities. It’s a dynamic opportunity to learn, plan, collaborate and progress you and your community’s agenda for change.

Check the details on what's involve to be involved. Be involved to make a difference.

ChangeFest 19 happens on 20-22 November in Mount Druitt, Western Sydney.


New Band Member!!! 

Ok folks it's been awhile since we last posted something. So away we go...

Update on the band members in GiiMusic. We have a new one. WOO HOOOO!!!!  His name is Chris and he is a ukulele player and guitarist and also a singer. He has a good history in Australian music scene, so check him out. Welcome aboard Chris. 

Where we are. 

Leila lives at Hill End in NSW, she is involved in a cafe there. It would be freezing there at the moment as the snow has fallen. Bree is back in school, as a teacher (haha) and Troy is the program manager at Koori Radio in Sydney (again). Riveting, I know. shh. Stay tuned.

Ps. We are putting some new music together to record an E.P. again. Stay tuned.

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Previous events


Gii Music at Magnify / Memory Hosted by Blacktown Arts Centre

Holy Family Parish, 252-254 Luxford Rd, 2770, Emerton, Mt Druitt. NSW

How do we respectfully capture and share the knowledge and stories of our Aboriginal elders?

Internationally acclaimed artist Ursula Yovich and her band will present new music based on conversations with local elders in this intimate contemporary music concert. Become immersed in story through Ursula’s music over an afternoon tea of damper and sweets.

Developed in partnership with Moogahlin Performing Arts and the Baabayn Aboriginal Corporation.

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