Gii means heart in the language of the Gamillaroi people. We have chosen “GiiMusic” as the name for our folk band. GiiMusic was founded by Troy Russell and Bree Baxter in 2016. Both have a deep love of folk and art music always looking for fresh and new ways to tell a story. The vocalist is Leila Hamilton hails from Hill End and Troy and Bree met Leila at a series of concerts held in Redfern NSW.  

So we are stirring again after a long break. Lots of other projects that had to be dealt with. Anyway our first gig of the year was in Broken Hill with our friend Dan Allen, who has joined the band. He will be taking over the bottom end of our groups sound playing the bass. The gig went well. Photos and story to come. Also joining us is Phillip Bragg on the guitar. He is a great guitar player and we are looking forward to working with him. In the videos you might see a good friend of ours, a miss Susie Bishop who has filled in for Bree. Bree is playing with a a larger more orchestral group but will be back with us in the near future. We also hope to produce a new EP with some new tunes. We will announce that later this year. Well, thanks for being patient with us. We look forward to catching you all up soon. Troy. 8/5/24


Bree Baxter


Bree first held a violin at the age of five. She played folk violin as a child, inspired by the music played in her Dad’s celtic band. Bree studied classical violin at university, but has always been drawn to jazz, folk and contemporary music. Russell and Baxter met in a blues outfit and immediately had mutual respect for each other musical  talents. 

Troy Russell

guitar banjo mandolin

Russell has played in and around the Sydney music scene for more than three decades, playing in different outfits that has covered rock, folk and reggae. Starting his musical life early, Russell has found himself in a position to have this band as an outlet for the stories he has to tell through different artforms from art music to theatre and combining them into rich stories that can capture an audiences imagination. (photo by Jamie James)

Leila Hamilton


Hamilton started singing at the age of 4 and she is no stranger to the stage. Hamilton met Troy Russell at the Redfern Community centre where she was having vocal training to get back into singing after finding she had spare time to revisit her passion she quickly found herself singing for Russell's guitar classes. Leila Hamilton hasn't looked back. (photo by Jamie James)

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Previous events

Take a step away from the every day and contemplate our place in the universe to the sounds of some of Australia’s most uniquely diverse musicians traversing the space between traditional and contemporary folk music. From Indigenous Australia to the Balkans – music that touches the spirit and represents its place of origin and its evolution.

*** POSTPONED TILL FURTHER NOTICE*** The Last Shot By Troy Russell

 —  —

The Leo Kelly Blacktown Arts Centre, 78 Flushcombe Rd, Blacktown NSW 2148

Based on true events, The Last Shot by Troy Russell is an intimate musical tale of romance, heartbreak and tragedy in colonial times.

Star-crossed lovers Jimmy and Florrie take flight through Gomeroi Country, seeking refuge with strangers. One night, after singing and dancing at the local camp, a foreboding event catapults them into turmoil. Forced to make an escape, Jimmy and Florrie set off into the night followed by a landowner in pursuit of revenge.

Drawing on a range of musical genres, and accompanied by archival imagery, The Last Shot is a story of romance and chaos, pulling on your heartstrings and lifting your spirits.


General Admission $35 2 person Cabaret $70 (price includes one table for two people) 4 person Cabaret $140 (price includes one table for four people) * Booking fees apply


How do we respectfully capture and share the knowledge and stories of our Aboriginal elders?

Internationally acclaimed artist Ursula Yovich and her band will present new music based on conversations with local elders in this intimate contemporary music concert. Become immersed in story through Ursula’s music over an afternoon tea of damper and sweets.

Developed in partnership with Moogahlin Performing Arts and the Baabayn Aboriginal Corporation.

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