Gii means heart in the language of the Gamillaroi people. We have chosen “Gii” as the name for our folk band. We are known as GiiMusic. GiiMusic was founded by Troy Russell and Bree Baxter in 2016. Both have a deep love of folk music of all styles and always look for fresh and new ways to tell a story. The vocalist is Leila Hamilton hails from Hill End and Troy and Bree met her at a series of concerts held in Redfern NSW.  Chris Beltran on ukelele and guitar. Chris's playing style is important to the sound of GiiMusic and his playing compliments the sound of the band. 



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GiiMusic's debut EP is for sale folks. Come and get it!

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Bree Baxter


Bree first held a violin at the age of five. She played folk violin as a child, inspired by the music played in her Dad’s celtic band. Bree studied classical violin at university, but has always been drawn to jazz, folk and contemporary music.

Troy Russell

guitar banjo mandolin

Although he is new to the game of composing he is making steady headway into the Art Music scene. Recently commissioned by Sydney Living Museums for the exhibition "Songs of Home", Troy writes some of the songs for GiiMusic and he writes of his family as it is rich in story and history. 

Leila Hamilton


Started singing at the age of 4.

Twinkle Twinkle was first Solo.

Inspired by rhythm...melody...words.

I Luv ReggaeRiddim...BlueBeat...Ska...Soul 

Chris Beltran

Guitar Ukulele

Chris began performing at age 11. He was taught ukulele by his father who had an Hawaiian band. Chris has worked as a bassist, guitarist, ukulele player and singer in various bands. He likes strong rhythm, melody and songwriting. Swing Blues 1930's jazz and contemporary music.

Quirky Quotes

I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I've ended up where I needed to be.”

— D. Adams

Upcoming Gig

Strange times! 

We hope that you are all staying safe and thinking smart about dealing with COVID. Be strong and well and if you like, feel free to drop us a line. Take care all. GiiMusic.

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The Last Shot By Troy Russell

 —  —

The Leo Kelly Blacktown Arts Centre, 78 Flushcombe Rd, Blacktown NSW 2148

Based on true events, The Last Shot by Troy Russell is an intimate musical tale of romance, heartbreak and tragedy in colonial times.

Star-crossed lovers Jimmy and Florrie take flight through Gomeroi Country, seeking refuge with strangers. One night, after singing and dancing at the local camp, a foreboding event catapults them into turmoil. Forced to make an escape, Jimmy and Florrie set off into the night followed by a landowner in pursuit of revenge.

Drawing on a range of musical genres, and accompanied by archival imagery, The Last Shot is a story of romance and chaos, pulling on your heartstrings and lifting your spirits.


General Admission $35 2 person Cabaret $70 (price includes one table for two people) 4 person Cabaret $140 (price includes one table for four people) * Booking fees apply

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